Collaborations & Partnerships

We are massive believers in the power of collaboration to not only amplify our impact but to demonstrate an alignment of values with our partners.

Collaborations & Partnerships

Our Impact

We are fortunate to have our journey enriched by partnerships with diverse brands and organisations, each bringing unique strengths and perspectives to our shared mission. Our partnerships have ranged from social media campaigns, to live product launches, internal comms, event sponsorships & more!


Natwest x Greenrock TV

Objective: To inform new mortgage and remortgage clients about their new product via personalised videos.

What We Did: Tayo fronted a suite of customisable personalised videos for Natwest. Each film could be personalised using Video Smart technology to contain each mortgage borrower’s unique details, with data such as borrowing figures, payment dates automatically applied to their very own bespoke video. 

A 98% open rate, a 96% completion rate on the films and x10 increase in those customers engaging with both the mobile app and portal to manage their mortgage.Together they helped reduce the impact of traditional paper communications andincreased the effectiveness of the overall comms.


Barclays x
Channel 4

Objective: To deliver some much needed advice to the UK public during the height of the cost of living crisis.

What We Did: We shot a digital TV show in a podcast format taking questions from the public. The show had to be informative and entertaining whilst taking into consideration the serious situation the UK public was facing.

On YouTube the video delivered 384k views over target. The average watch time on the first video is 6:51mins and 6:19 on the second against a target of 2:46 mins.



Objective: To encourage sign ups for Gumtree’s pop up #goodfind event.

What We Did: Pre-event content was created for BrickzWithTipz engaged & aligned audience, also informing them that we would be there for the event all day.

The event was a huge success with lines around the back of the shop in London and both Tayo & Antoinette got to meet their audience who attended the event in person.



Objective: Boosting awareness of Barratt Homes new rent then buy scheme to assist aspiring homeowners

What We Did: Antoinette & Tayo focused on making informative yet entertaining organic content via Instagram & Tiktok to reach Barratt Homes target audience

This resulted in over 250,000 organic views, over 5,000 saves and over 1,000 hours of watch time.

I worked with Tayo on our Channel 4/Barclays branded series On The Money.
Tayo is a consummate professional and brilliant financial and property expert.
He is able to communicate complex information in a way which is clear and understandable to a younger audience. He delivers his knowledge with great fun and humour. In summary he was a pleasure to work with.

Christie Toal

Director, Crash Productions

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