Most affordable cities to live in the UK 2024

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June 04, 2024

In the middle of a British housing crisis, many people are seeking affordable cities to live in the UK, especially first-time buyers. In this blog post, we break down some of the most affordable cities to live in the UK by Southern, Northern and Midland regions in 2024.

As a point of reference, as of April 2024, the average house price in the UK is £264,300, according to Zoopla. This has increased from £188,858 in 2014. With London’s average housing price currently at £503,000, it’s clear why first-time buyers are seeking affordable cities to live in the UK. 

Southern Affordable Cities in the UK


Dover is a coastal town in Kent decorated with the famous Dover white cliffs and the ferry that takes travelers to France. In fact, travelers can get to Calais in just 1hr 30 minutes, perfect if you fancy international trips.

The picturesque town’s large, family-friendly detached homes with seaside views unexpectedly attract first-time buyers and families alike. According to Rightmove, the average home value in Dover is £249,140.


Portsmouth is another great option for coastal lovers. It is the UK’s only island city and is well known for its maritime history, which is evident through the dockyards. Popular with eateries such as Five Guys, you won’t be short of places to eat for lunch or even dinner before popping by the beach to relax.

The city also has a diverse culture ranging from independent shops to music venues and artistic hotspots.

Although Portsmouth is an island city, its neighbours are not as far away as Chichester, about a 30-minute drive away if you fancy a day trip.

Portsmouth’s average house price is £282,437, which is higher than the national average, but as it is based in southern England and about a 2 hour drive from London, it’s understandable.

Northern Affordable Cities in the UK


liverpool museum

From the famous Slavery Museum and its historic docks to its more modern cosmopolitan feel, Liverpool is full of heritage and a cultural scene to explore.

With a diverse nightlife and a music scene that has stood the test of time, lively events such as festivals and clubbing are far from foreign to this northern city. And best of all Numbeo’s index has dubbed it 23% cheaper than London.

According to Rightmove, Liverpool’s average property price is £215,327 over the last year.


Based in West Yorkshire, Bradford has impressive property prices. Its average property price is £188,0260 which is significantly cheaper than the national average.

In regards to culture, the National Science and Media Museum is hosted in the city, which has a multicultural community. The city also has good links to neighbouring cities such as Leeds, which is about a 30-minute drive away, and Manchester, which is about 1 hour and a half away. This means it’s commutable for more job opportunities, too.

Midland Affordable Cities in the UK

Stoke on Trent

Stoke on Trent’s house prices average at £168,175 over the past year.

With regular train services to major cities, including London and Manchester, Stoke on Trent is well-equipped for frequent travel. Birmingham is also about an hour away.

Stoke on Trent has a mix of shopping options from shopping centres, to independent outlets and vibrant markets, too. Vintage stores and independent boutiques mean there are various ways to find unique items for thrifting, for example. It’s an ideal city for the fashionista!

The midland city also offers a cultural scene such as The Regent Theatre, which hosts various shows. Or the Emma Bridgewater Factory hosts regular literary talks and events for bookworms to enjoy.


A university city, Coventry, is decorated with cultural hotspots to accommodate the student population and local residents alike. It is often dubbed a charming city, from bustling markets to heritage-filled museums.

Coventry is also famous for being the birthplace of the dragon slayer and patron saint of England, St George. The average sold house property of Coventry is £240,542 in the last 12 months.

What is the most affordable city to live in the UK?

Generally, areas in the Southern regions of the UK tend to be pricier than property prices in the Northern and Midlands, for example. This is typically because southern areas are closer to London.

This explains why according to analysis by Rightmove, Aberdeen is the most affordable city to live in the UK for first-time buyers.


Based in North East Scotland, Aberdeen’s average asking price for a first-time buyer-type property with two bedrooms or fewer is £102,601. The average mortgage cost in this city is £406 per month.

Aberdeen’s stone architecture may contribute to why along with Glasgow and Edinburgh, one of the most populated Scottish cities.

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