London vs Countryside Living: Pros and Cons

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May 09, 2024

London is the most expensive city in the UK, and the cost-of-living crisis has exacerbated this further. Many Londoners are now forced to consider surrounding areas like Kent, Essex, or even further North to other countryside areas. This blog post shares the benefits and disadvantages of London vs. countryside living.

London Living


1. Job opportunities—London is the hub for job opportunities, and therefore, there are more chances for career development and a higher salary in London. 

2. Transportation – London has more transport options that are regularly available, making it easier to travel around the city at various times of the day

3. Activities—A melting pot of cultures, London has varied entertainment options that are evident throughout the city. There are many ways to enjoy life outside of work, from nightlife to brunch events.

4. Value appreciation – As London is the most expensive city in the UK, it means that if you do buy a property, the appreciation is likely to be higher than in countryside areas.

london homes


1. High property prices – Property prices in London are notoriously higher than in any other city in the UK, which may be difficult depending on your salary. Even those with higher wages could struggle due to the stagnant salary prices compared to the cost of living in the city.

2. Lack of community – A study by The Belonging Forum highlighted that London is one of the loneliest cities in the country. Although London is highly populated, there’s often a lack of community due to many people being caught up in the rat race of work with little time for leisure. 

3. Lack of space – Research reveals that although 4% of England’s households are overcrowded, this figure increases to more than 11% in London. The housing crisis is UK-wide, but London’s condensed population makes the fight for property even trickier. The competition is higher, making it harder for you to find the right property.

4. Pricing – The cost of living in London – not just property, is high. From properties to bills, you’ll pay more to live in London than in the countryside.

Countryside Living

countryside property

Benefits of countryside living

1. More environment-friendly—Areas like Kent and Essex have more easy access to nature and, therefore, are healthier to live in than more polluted cities like London. This also means there’s more freedom to explore green areas. Studies have found that those living in the countryside deem themselves to be happier than city dwellers.

2. More sense of community – Because there are fewer people in the countryside, it’s easier to spot familiar faces, and there is generally a slower pace than in London, leaving more time and room for connecting in a meaningful community.  

3. Commutable to the city—If you live just outside London, like Kent or Essex, you are still within commutable distance of London. This means there is still some flexibility to have reasonable access to London for social events and potentially even still work in London and get a higher-paying salary. 

4. Affordability —Property prices in the countryside or sub-urban areas of London are cheaper than in the capital, allowing you to have more disposable income.

Disadvantage of countryside living

1. Less job opportunities—There are fewer career opportunities outside of London, and they are also generally lower-paying.

2. Competition – There’s less competition for property in the countryside compared to London, meaning when you get to the point where you want to sell your house, you’re less likely to get a higher offer than London. 

3. Weaker tourism— Countryside towns inevitably have fewer tourist attractions than London or bigger cities. Therefore, this affects the property pricing in the area and contributes to the lower valuation of countryside homes than in London.

4. Fewer Transportation options— London is well known for its varied transportation options and accessibility. However, in most UK countryside towns, this will be significantly reduced. There’s likely to be less frequent bus availability, leaving many to rely on a car as their main transportation.

London vs countryside living – which is better?

There are pros and cons to London vs countryside living. Ultimately, it comes down to your specific circumstances. London is pricier than countryside living, so staying in London will mean you’ll need to have the right income to support this lifestyle.

Being in the capital undeniably has its perks, such as diversity, transportation, etc. However, countryside towns are increasing in diversity, too, with more Londoners commuting to surrounding areas. The countryside is undeniably cheaper than London, which is the main attraction for many. Ultimately, it comes down to affordability when it comes to London vs. countryside living.

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